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Contents is:

  • about bringing compromise positions out of the "hate" filled discourse of the current era
  • about insuring that input is from individuals who understand the necessity of finding a "middle road" in the hard issues of the day.
  • about building the site into a popular reference source for everyday use that, unlike Wikipedia, lays out in a short format the arguments that concern us in our every day life.
  • a companion site to [][1] which is an action site about attacking the corruption of our U.S. Congress. The reduction of corruption of honest people in Congress is essential to the correction of many issues that afflict our country.


  • A few pointers...
    • is still in rough draft mode.
    • At this time contributors are limited to those invited to participate or people who send a message explaining their expertise.
    • Send a message to if you have some special expertise that might apply
    • Note: The logo to the left is not an endorsement of a major political party but an indication of multi-party, multi-sided approach that we intend to represent fairly.

Getting Started

Start with -> -First Steps--Example of Pro Con --Major and Priority Issue Areas--Concept: Fair Representation and Fair Presentation-Strategy

U.S Problems and Promise

Every socially significant entity be it a country, people,or collective, has a mental narrative that defines for them who and what they are. The consensual narratives of the U.S. are in serious disarray. When the mental stories of an individual or collective are in disarray and conflicted it becomes almost impossible to agree on problems or solutions. Political hate speech then becomes prevalent with "true believers" poisoning the atmosphere and making rational speech difficult.
Aside from "hate speech" of the current era, the U.S. government has serious and increasing problems and constructive change is needed, but what change and how? Is it back to former narratives that worked or to a future with new, evolving but unstated or politically driven propaganda platform narrative. is about collecting consensus on the problems and solutions and answers for our still great country so that we might have a better base for our future narrative. is not crowdsourcing but an invitational endeavor to individuals who have shown an ability to extract "Middle Ground" solutions in a narrative of constructive change rather than the expanding political hate speech of our current era.l

Top Problems We Must Solve

Listed in Major and Priority Issues Areas are Two Pressing Issue Areas, Improving Presidential Selection and Making Congress Effective again. By addressing these two problems of mal-function we can better approach the top issues of "the economy", "Social Security", "budgetary failures", "Education" and "National Health".

Improving Presidential Selection

Fundamental to improving presidential selection is the consideration of what are the Presidential Tasks and Attributes we must consider.

Enabling Congress to Function Again

Improving the functions of Congress means that we must address the issue that makes Congress so ineffective, Congressional Catch 22. We send some good and honest people to Congress but to remain there and be effective they must enter a pact with the devils of moneyed "Special Interests" which, more often than not, want laws and money that are not in the best interest of the country. Spurn these interests, spurn your colleagues, and you are cut out of ability to exercise power. Worse for those who have been in politics over time this corrupt play becomes the norm. Corrupt your principles a few times and a previously honest man become corrupt. Catch 22, play fair with the Country-- you lose. Don't go along with a Special Interest Corrupted Major Party and you are out. We must find a way to release them from this corrupt bondage. There is a way.

We Can Change it

Clearly, our people and our government institutions can neither agree on nor address effective solutions within our current narrative disarray. Within the public strategy of this wiki and overall effort for reform, part of the answer to this situation is to improve discussion and consideration of opposing views in the general public so that they can move to a more consensual narrative and thus to solutions. A "do nothing" stalemated Congress with an approval rating of 9% epitomizes a major aspect of U.S. disarray. Despite government system dysfunction the solutions and answers for reform are in our hands with a positive reform.


Aside from the Strategy above Answers there are in abundance. An initial list of some examples of these Answer issues are listed in the Category "Answer" at the bottom of this page.

More About gives knowledgeable individuals the opportunity to present opposing viewpoints in a "pro" "con" format and extract a potentially workable "middle ground". Understanding opposing viewpoints on important issues is the first step in working out a compromise and solutions rather than stalemate and lays the groundwork for the Strategy below. It is an endeavor to start to overcome hate speech in U.S. National politics with more rationality in approaching solutions to our common problems.

Strategy of This Wiki and Overall Effort

Brevity is key to success with this effort. One key attraction is shrinking the wordiness of many problems down to a page that the everyday person can find time to read. Expansion linked pages will suffice for the complexities and those who have time and interest. The Old rule of successful managers "Give it to me in one page" is the objective.
If we we work the "pro" "cons" of this wiki fairly and well we can lay the base for understanding in a strategy for a sortition selected National Issues Convention that can induce the national press to address the serious issues of our country and therein demand more effective action from Congress and the Major Political parties. This Strategy will be no less than "nonviolent resistance" or a "peaceful rebellion" against a corrupted Congress and election system where our votes for change lack impact.
"Sortition" is the historically proven way that citizens are selected in juries so that fairness is preserved. Sortition used in a 1996 National Issues Convention showed that citizens can fairly address complex issues.
You might start by scanning one of these pages Index-->-- -First Steps --Major and Priority Issue Areas-- Main Page--Concept: Fair Representation and Fair Presentation --Concept: Democracy, Promise and Problems--Template:Pro_Con---Organizational Schema---Help Needed--Hot Topics List-- Sources

Other Wikis and Sources of Information Similar to Issuewiki approaches issues, debates and arguments on the net from a rather unique viewpoint. We believe that most of the information that citizens need is out there but the question is how to organize it in a fashion so that citizens can find relatively quickly the comparative information they want and need. Google and other search engines are one way but they avoid comparisons. There are other ways of presenting comparisons on the net and we intend to improve on them. First however you may want to look at some of those other ways. Start at "Sources"

Important notes: This Wiki is Currently Locked down

Want to participate, search for U_S_Reform, follow and tweet, or send message to Publus

1. To control spam and "hate speech" and until more restrictive scripts can be put in place with a full time webmaster this Wiki is locked down. Moderate friends and friends of friends have been invited to participate and given sign-ons and passwords. If you are a moderate independent and a desire to address a particular issues contact with requests for initial participation, suggestions, and comments.
2. Note that the image at the left is not about the democratic party competition. The image was selected to indicate a multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-political party effort.

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